Established in 2006, the Small Souls network of sites brings together educators and parents to share in the joy of guiding small souls. We offer resources, advice and tools to assist in raising happy, well balanced children. At ShopSmallSouls, you too, can take home the inspiring messages and timeless wisdom found in our products.

Educational Tools

Animal School Print Book

The Animal School Story Is Back In Print! Individuality: The quality or character of a person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind. Just like … Read More...

Animal School Workshop Guide

  Now you can make the Animal School video even more relevant to your educational group! The Workshop Presentation Guide will show you how to use the Animal School … Read More...

Educational Wisdom Video

Educators play an integral role in the development of children. They motivate, educate, inspire and pass on their wisdom and knowledge. While you may think of educators as … Read More...

What Teachers Make Video

Teaching has dramatically changed over the past 100 years. In the past, teachers were told who to teach, what to teach, when to teach it and how to teach. They would stand in … Read More...

Animal School Video

Individuality:  The quality or character of a person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind. Just like fingerprints, every person is unique. From … Read More...

Parenting Tools

Creating Family Holiday Memories

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to organized, memorable holidays! Do the expectations of the holiday steal your family time? Are you tired of being in a constant rush? Would … [Read More...]

Host the Ultimate Halloween Party

Have your kids been hounding you to host a Halloween party but you never seem to host one? Now, you can stop telling them, "No!" We have written a guide that will walk you … [Read More...]

Parenting Retreat

Are you frustrated with the challenges of trying to raise your children right? Overcome the challenges & let go of the frustration. Gain peace of mind, confidence & … [Read More...]

Creating Hours Report

Create up to 6 Extra Hours Every Day ...and Make the Most of Each Hour!   Find a natural, easy way to create more time - without resorting to rigid schedules or … [Read More...]

Awkward Solitude Report

Does Your Child Struggle with Social Interaction? Are You Wondering How You Can Help?   Read on, if you want to empower your child with the skills necessary to … [Read More...]